The Chaingun Drone is an N enemy in CaerulElimo.

These drones are equipped with a rapid-fire, but not so accurate, machine gun.

The Chaingun Drone, which is similar to the Laser Drone, moves rather slowly but can actually be quite deadly. Once you enter its sight range, it will stop, charge up, and fire a stream of bullets, causing damage upon contact. The Chaingun Drone itself, however, will not shock anything it comes in contact with, unlike the Zap Drone. The difference between this drone and the Laser Drone is that since the bullets aren't continuous, it is possible to jump through the line of fire and survive. This will require great agility and at times, a very high Speed stat. A Dodge is also possible. However, the Chaingun Drone doesn't shoot at a single spot - rather it can sweep its fire, making it very difficult to dodge it in enclosed areas. The name of this attack is known as the 'Chaingun Bullet Spray'.

To avoid the attacks of Chaingun Drones, it is best to set it off, and use its charge-up time to move away, or wait until it has finished a magazine and is reloading to move out of range. The reload time takes around two seconds. If you cannot simply stay out of range, and must dodge bullets, you should move just before the drone is going to fire. You could then jump. The time the player can stay in the air is roughly equal to that of the barrage fired by the Chaingun Drone. Note that the drone does aim constantly at players before it fires (meaning that as you move, the drone will rotate to still aim at you), but while it fires, it does not aim at the player but proceeds with a sweep that covers a wider or lesser area depending on how fast the drone was last turning. It is possible to get in between bullets while it's shooting and still survive.


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