Deanominator is a 10 year old filly and the most recent main character of CaerulElimo, who has first appeared in Chapter 5-2. She is the character of a player with the same name.

Personality Edit

  • Calm
  • Quiet
  • Shy
  • Strong
  • Slightly clever

Appearance Edit

Dea is a lavender filly with tied black hair and violet eyes. She wears a black jacket and a badge that says "N/F". She has no cutie mark.

Trivia Edit

  • Dea, despite being 10, is known to be very strong. There was a time when she let Radiance get blasted by her own clones, and later boiled in water.
  • Dea's weapon is a giant paintbrush that uses violet paint. She also uses it to heal, and draw 3D objects.