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Delta is the abundant main energy resource in CaerulElimo. It is one of the three Trigonometric Elements.


Delta is a very powerful and important energy source in CaerulElimo. It powers most machines and devices in the realm, and is a vital nutritional need for many living in CaerulElimo.

Delta can only be found and exchanged in a stabilized energy cycle in CaerulElimo. Although Aura and Mana are also used as energy sources, the planet of CaerulElimo is the only one to have Delta existant and present.

Delta takes a blue physical form that allows it to be consumed by citizens of CaerulElimo for nutrition, as well as be used in all types of machines and devices as a fuel or energy source. Though Delta is usually a solid, it can also take form as a liquid or gas.
If need be, Delta can be conformed by a skilled user to be used as an offensive or defensive force in fights. Delta can take an "aura" form that can be used to control one's spirit either positively or negatively. The spells that can be cast and wielded using Delta number in the thousands.