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FEC46 is one of the racing leagues controlled by the CE government and third parties for pure racing entertainment. FXE46 is one of the four racing championships prior to the result of CERCL, but only a few events were shown on television.

The classic description is as follows.

Chat LogEdit

Did you know CE has its own Racing League? The last racing league not controlled by CE is the FX400. Predicted in "2207: The inaugural FX400 Anti-Gravity Racing League season commences." There have been previous racing leagues:

After the FX400, Carbon (successor of Overtel) shifts its rights to CE itself to host the FXE46 a few years later. So what does this all mean? Well, it's basically the racing aspect! Gunfire! Speed! Agility! Yep! There's no fun in racing without Item Boxes! Although, in CE's racing league, it's Weapon Pads and Dash Panels.

Dash Panels make you go faster briefly. Weapon Pads are where you can pick up the many glorious colors of weapons and items. Pass over one to get an item. Who knows what you'll get? Now, the vehicles. How do you race in CE's Racing Leagues? In CE's racing leagues, you don't use karts. You don't use stock cars. You don't even use sports cars.

You use craft! Although, I'm not really sure what their exact name is. It's like anti-gravity craft!,1366x768,64691.jpg

There is a plethora of craft as well. The reason I'm mentioning all of these racing aspects is that it's involved heavily in Chapter 3-1. Now here's the problem. How do you race...without courses? See that blue ^ in the picture? That's a Dash Panel, or Speed Pad.

Now go out there and race for your favorite team and pilot!

Series and CircuitsEdit

These are the circuits that will be and/or have been raced on in FXC46:

Alpha CupEdit

Evergreen Circuit

Iota Drop

Terra Kohl

Royal Oasis

Beta CupEdit

Vanilla Loop 

Lava Tube

Altima Blue

Light Stream

Gamma CupEdit

Delta CupEdit

Iota CupEdit

W Altima VII

MK8 Water Park

RRV Outer Pass

WPulse Arc Prime

Zeta CupEdit

SMK Vanilla Lake 1

RRR Sunset Drive

WF Cubiss Float Short Course

MK7 Rock Rock Mountain

Epsilon CupEdit

RRT4 Wonderhill/Diablo Canyon Road

W3 Hi-Fumii

MKDD Dino Dino Jungle

RR7 Old Central

Omega CupEdit

W2097/WXL Valparaiso

MKSC Lakeside Park

RR6 Southbay Docks

WPure Exostra Run

Teams and PilotsEdit

These are the Teams and their pilots that have participated in FXC46. Each team specializes in a certain craft in a specific way. Currently unfinished!

Category 1:

  • Magic Systems // AG-SYS
    • Nationality
      • Japan // JAPAN
    • Pilots
      • ​Dusk Shine // 26
  • Brass Mega // Van-Uber
    • Nationality
      • Germany // GERMN
    • Pilots
      • Big Macintosh //
  • Synchronizers // Mirage
    • Nationality
      • //
    • Pilots
      • //
  • Bouschtique // FEISAR
    • Nationality
      • France // FRANS
    • Pilots
      • Elusive // 

Category 2:

  • Zollus // Piranha
    • Nationality
      • Mexico // MEXCO
    • Pilots
      • Braeburn // 
  • Piercing Flame // Triakis
    • Nationality
      • Australia // ATRAL
    • Pilots
      • Spike //  
  • Omicron Alpha / EG-X
    • Nationality
      • Sweden // SWEDN
    • Pilots
  • Opus // Qirex
    • Nationality
      • Russia // RUSIA
    • Pilots

Germany // GERMN Category 3:

  • Biokind / Harimau
    • Nationality
      • Sweden // SWEDN
    • Pilots
      • Butterscotch //  
  • Omicron Beta / EG-R
    • Nationality
      • Sweden // SWEDN
    • Pilots
  • Sugarsweet // Goteki 45
    • Nationality
      • Ireland // IRLND
    • Pilots
      • Bubble Berry // 36

Category 4:

  • Southfield // Auricom Research Industries
    • Nationality
      • United States of America // USOAM
    • Pilots
      • Applejohn // 63
  • Dash Panel // Icaras
    • Nationality
      • United Kingdom // UKING
    • Pilots
      • Rainbow Blitz // 63