FXEX5 is a racing league created in Makana. (An island on Earth.) This was the last league created before the Anti-Gravity sport moved to StarSquare.

FXEX5 contained a huge amount of courses, including twenty-one new courses. This league reopened older courses from past leagues. Firestar, Katmoda 12, Citta Nuova, Platinum Rush, Iota Drop IV, Feser, and Brass Outline were courses not used in any official events.

The most prominent feature of FXEX5 was the introduction of the Racing Realms. A brand new Point-A-to-Point-B challenge with varying types of realms. Each realm was open for one hour, and the average finish time was 35 minutes. These realms were deemed 'prototypes and fatal'. They were not open for rookie pilots. Only experts were allowed. The speed class used in the realms was always Phantom Class.

Racing Realms Edit

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