The Floor System in a core mechanic of LOTI. Floor Systems are created by players for their characters. Floor Systems determine what rewards characters get at a certain floor. Each reward can be decided by the players of their respective characters. This mechanic further pushes the idea of freedom and creativity within LOTI, as there is a great range of possibilities for character development.

When a character reaches a certain floor, the reward that corresponds with that floor will be unlocked. For example, if the move Ice Beam is set to be learned at Floor 15, when the character reaches Floor 15, Ice Beam will be learned.

Almost any reward can be selected, from weapons (Riot Shield), to moves (Shadow Ball), to upgrades (greater agility), to abilities (telepathy), to items (Revives). The restrictions that are in place are that greater rewards must be unlocked at higher Floors, and not at early ones. If required, rewards can be re-scaled automatically to suit its corresponding floor. For example, more Revives are given if they are requested at a later floor. This can work backwards, however. If a player chooses a small cash reward for their character at a very high floor, the reward will be changed to a higher amount.