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An intermission separates each Part of CaerulElimo.


Inspired by Memories, or flashbacks of certain characters, from Super Paper Mario.

Whenever the team of players completes a region, they get a Reflection from an unidentified character which is revealed at the end of the game.

When Chapter 1-2 is done, Memory 1 plays.

When Chapter 1-4 is done, Memory 2 plays.

When Chapter 2-4 is done, Memory 3 plays.

When Chapter 3-4 is done, Memory 4 plays.

When Chapter 4-4 is done, Memory 5 plays.

When Chapter 5-4 is done, Memory 6 plays.

When Chapter 6-4 is done, Memory 7 plays.

When Chapter 7-4 is done, Memory 8 plays.

When Chapter 8-2 is done, Memory 9 plays.

When Chapter 8-4 is done, Memory 10 plays.

Memories 1 and 2:

3 and 4:

5 and 6:

7 and 8:

Bounding Through Time is 9.

The full mix is 10 ("Mixed Memory").

Now, why are these Reflections here? They are one of the deepest parts in the entire series and they are there for a reason. It shows the kidnapped mystery individual and his talks to himself while in The Underground Prison. As the memories begin, things look very happy since he is naive to what is going on. But as time progresses, his Memory logs show him becoming more angry and sad, and corrupt. Memory 9 is akin to a last-ditch surrender beforehand. Memory 10 is when everything is resolved.

Since Memory 10 is after the final boss battle, it sets the tone for the ending. In each Memory, this person also hints at what will happen next in the next region.

Said memories are those of the character who is discovered to be the true final boss.

This is character is Delt.