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League Of The Inspired (shortened to LOTI) is a role-playing series started by systeminspired involving a set of ponies as the main characters unexpectedly on an adventure to save the universe from trickery, corruption, and destruction.


LOTI aims to be a role-play series that is played in the style of a video game. Players of the game will adventure with their friends to stop the evil plots that have been founded by The Red Sphere before they conquer the universe. Players have their own stats, inventory, accessories, bio, skill set, and quest progress. Battle systems and other mechanics are also incorporated.

Most of the content of LOTI when it was originally created used content from other fandoms in order to uplift the experience for the players. This includes My Little Pony, Mario, Minecraft, and other franchises. Since then, more original content has been made for the series, borrowing less and less from other franchises and focusing more on originality and creativity.


The first session was played on July 14th, 2014, when the series was originally called StarSquare or StarSquareStory. Since then, the series has went under major changes and improvements, from characters to locations to reworkings of the story. The series was renamed from StarSquare to CaerulElimo (commonly abbreviated as CE) around February 2015. The series went on hiatus in September 2015 for eight months as the story reached Chapter 5-2, returning in May 2016. During the hiatus, major changes have been implemented, such as a live character statistics board, achievement progress, mechanics, and more. CaerulElimo was renamed to League Of The Inspired in April 2015. In addition, Zone Mode was developed in order for other projects to be managed and grouped accordingly, along with LOTI as the main focus.


The hiatus between September 2015 and May 2016 was exactly 250 days long.

NoktiKlepto created a message concerning the inactivity of LOTI (when it was CaerulElimo at the time) in December 2015:

At the gates of CaerulElimo, a ragtag gang of unlikely heroes stands quietly. At their back is nothing but an idea—a plan. Before them stretches an innocent land in the grasp of corruption. A daunting, glorious adventure, but they cannot go forward. And they cannot go back...

Perhaps one day they will take their first steps. All hope is not lost. Until then, they wait. We wait.

No dream is dead until it's forgotten.

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