Physical Information
Age 19
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Body Color grayish brown
Height 5'6"
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Lyko Blade
Species Wolf Pony
Home Unknown

Roy is a 19 year old Wolf Pony, he's mostly serious, but knows how to lighten up.


Roy was born at a waterfall in the Everfree Forest. His mother was was an Earth Pony and his father was a Wolf Pony. His mother died giving birth to Roy's sister. When Roy was 10, his home was attacked. He was able to hide with his sister, but his father was slaughtered. For the next 8 years, he and his sister hid on the run, until the pack that killed his father came back. Roy tried to fight to protect his sister, but ended up killing her instead. The next year after that, he spent hunting down that pack.

Depiction in CEEdit



Roy has a hard exterior due to his past. Few people can break him down, and once they do, he's the greatest guy.

Floor SystemEdit

Floor Unlockable Description
1 Lyko Blade A Simple blade that causes the target to bleed.
2 Fury Strike A Violent combo of sword and claw.
3 Howl Roy Howls which strengthens all the players, and intimidates the enemies.
4 Wolf Rage Roy goes into a furious rage, that dramatically raises his attack, and deals a damage to his enemies.
5 Never Alone Roy Summons Wolves to attack the enemies.
6 Healing Waters Roy uses the water from his home to heal one of the players, or himself.
7 Spirit of the Wolf When Roy's health gets low, all other stats get a boost
8 Nýchta Lýkos Roy turns the battlefield dark and gives the team a speed buff
9 Dásos Skýlos Roy Summons a Timber Wolf to attack
10 Wolf Forme Roy Turns into a Wolf for 2 turns gets a massive stat boost
11 Blade of Wolves Template:HeroS
12 Wolf Rush Template:HeroS
13 Mighty Howl Template:HeroS
14 Wolf Rage:Fang Template:HeroS
15 Stand Together Template:HeroS
16 Magic Fountain Template:HeroS
17 Soul of the Wolf Template:HeroS
18 Nýchta Lýkos II Template:HeroS
19 Dásos Skýlos II Template:HeroS
20 Wolf Stormme Template:HeroS
21 Lunar Blades Template:HeroS
22 Wolf Blitz Template:HeroS
23 Rage Howl Template:HeroS
24 Wolf Rage: Claw Template:HeroS
25 Wolves United Template:HeroS
26 Magic Typhoon Template:HeroS
27 Reign of the Wolf Template:HeroS
28 MEGA Nýchta Lýkos Template:HeroS
29 MEGA Dásos Skýlos Template:HeroS
30 Wolf Diety Template:HeroS

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