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SSRLC is the current 'generation' of racing. Using over 500 courses and the 'Amazing Races' defunct due to its life-threatening challenges and soon taken out of prototype testing after FXGX5. They were called the Racing Realms before SSRLC and have been extremely challenging courses during FXGX5. As SSRLC was almost ready to begin its first season, the Racing Realms were redesigned and renamed to The Amazing Races.

During the Spring, Races and Elimination events are done.

During the Summer, Zone and Detonator events are done.

During the Autumn, Speed Lap and Time Trial events are done.

During the Winter, the year's Amazing Race is done.

Teams Edit

No team name = Under development. Italics mean a team name not confirmed and team name can be edited. Bold = Confirmed team name; cannot/shouldn't be edited.

Top Speed Teams Edit


  • Pro: Top Speed // Con: Acceleration

Team Rainbow Dash

  • Pro: Top Speed // Con: Handling


  • Pro: Top Speed // Con: Weapons


  • Pro: Top Speed // Con: Energy


  • Pro: Top Speed Maximum, Double Barrel Rolls // Con: Handling: Air-Brakes Only, Auto-Accelerating

Acceleration Teams Edit


  • Pro: Acceleration // Con: Top Speed


  • Pro: Acceleration // Con: Handling

Team Pinkie Pie

  • Pro: Acceleration // Con: Weapons


  • Pro: Acceleration // Con: Energy


  • Pro: Highest Acceleration, Easily Maintains Top Speed Through Corners, Any Weapon Hits Do Not Disrupt Its Racing // Con: Energy: Most Fragile

Handling Teams Edit


  • Pro: Handling // Con: Speed

Team Rarity

  • Pro: Handling // Con: Acceleration


  • Pro: Handling // Con: Weapons


  • Pro: Handling // Con: Energy

Team Twilight Sparkle

  • Pro: Highest Handling, Extended Side Shifts, Thinnest Chassis // Con: Weapons: Cannot Pick Up Offensive Weapons

Weapons Teams Edit

Say Our Name

  • Pro: Weapons // Con: Top Speed


  • Pro: Weapons // Con: Acceleration

Team Applejack

  • Pro: Weapons // Con: Handling


  • Pro: Weapons // Con: Energy


  • Pro: Highest Weapon Power, Can Spin 180 Degrees // Con: Top Speed: Wide And Heavy Chassis Hinders its Top Speed, Slowest on Straightaways

Energy Teams Edit


  • Pro: Energy // Con: Top Speed


  • Pro: Energy // Con: Acceleration


  • Pro: Energy // Con: Handling

Team Fluttershy

  • Pro: Energy // Con: Weapons


  • Pro: Highest Energy, Energy Can Replenish With Dash Panels // Con: Acceleration: Worst At Acceleration, Top Speed Easily Decreases Through Corners

Team Still Deciding Statistics Edit

AurimaR (Auricom and Icaras) • EG-X Über ((EG-R and Xios) EG-X and Van-Über • EU-AGTS ((AG Systems and G-Tech) AG Technology Systems and FEISAR) • Goteki Developments (Goteki 45 and Assegai) • Qirex Tigron (Qirex and Tigron) • Stream Axis ((Pir and Hana) Piranha and Triakis) • Sync (Harimau and MIrage)

Seasons Edit

SSRLC I - Alpha

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