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Set is a main character of the official SS story. He is a male unicorn with a yellow mane and a dark grey coat. However, he does not use his magic often.

Set appears the most often in the series.

Set is able to charm and lift everybody's spirits to whom he meets. He is commonly seen as a very nice pony, but can get aggressive when he has the requirement to. He also loves to hug others as a way to show he is not meant to be an enemy to anypony and anyone, unless certain reasons apply.

One of his Special Abilities in the series is his almost perfected skills of machinery, able to create equipment for his allies within just a few seconds, such as Springboards. Set's Special Ability is the most useful in Part 6 of Generation 6.

Set has a huge love interest for Fluttershy, also a character of the official SS story and is one of the Mane 6 from the MLP series. He often tries to forget about her whenever he is not with her. This is a huge problem to deal with in Generation 4 and onwards until Generation ∞.

==Floor System== Edit

Level 1: Basic swords

Level 2: Basic Bow and Arrow

Level 3:Basic Riot Shield

Level 4: Throwing knives

Level 5:Basic Knife

Level 6: Double Jump

Level 7: Basic Arrow quiver

Level 8: Advanced Riot Shield

Level 9: Basic tool box

Level 10: Basic Crafting Guide

Level 11: Double Slash

Level 12: Basic Survival pack

Level 13: Force Strike

Level 14: Bow and Arrow Upgrade

Level 15: Different Arrow Type Guide

Level 16:Sword Upgrade

Level 17: Upgraded Arrow quiver

Level 18: First Aid Kit

Level 19: Advanced Tool Box

Level 20: Advanced Crafting Book

Level 21:Military Grade Survival Knife

Level 22:Advanced survival Pack

Level 23: Short Blink (Means teleport) (replaces Double Jump)

Level 24: protective bubble ability

Level 25: Shadow ball

Level 26: Flame Strike

Level 27:Magic Electric Strike

Level 28: Speed boost

Level 29: Higher Double Jump

Level 30: Magic Lightning Strike ability

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