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Not to be confused with StarSquare, the planet.

StarSquare is the accepted planetary currency of StarSquare. These coins are used by the citizens of the land for most purchases, from Delta energy drinks to racer fuel. StarSquares are square-shaped, and come in many denominations. If needed, lower value coins can be stacked together to form higher-denomination coins. For example, if ten §1 coins are stacked together, they will all meld to form one §10 coin. Any coins with a higher value than 1§ can be easily separated back into smaller denominations if need be. As a rule, each denomination times ten equals the next denomination, with §1,000,000 being the max denomination.

The coins of the lowest denomination, §1, are colored an opaque black and have no glow. As the coins grow in denomination, they grow in luster; the highest values of StarSquares are colored bright blue, and glow bright and shiny. Higher-value StarSquare coins are also smaller than lower denominations, sized one inch by one inch, and aren't as thick.

Depiction in G0 Edit

Originally, SC (StarCube) was the name of the currency of StarSquare. At the time of G0, this currency cannot be divided anymore. However, an idea for ST (StarTesseract) was used for really huge amounts of SC, but this was changed to StarSquares as the currency since G1.

Depiction in G6 Edit

§ multipliers by Difficulty Class are as follows.

  • Paradisi Felicitate (Paradise Of Happiness) = 0.25x
  • Terra Consolationem (Land Of Comfort) = 0.5x
  • Deviationem Incipientium (Deviation Of Beginners) = 0.75x
  • Ora Normalitatis (Edge Of Normality) = 1x
  • Curva Accentus (Curve Of Stress) = 1.25x
  • Ludum Peritorum (Game Of Experts) = 1.5x
  • Provocatio Ad Dominos (Challenge Of Ultimates) = 2x
  • Ludio Ludius Perfectionis (Player Of Perfection) = 4x

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