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The Purple Region is the second region of CaerulElimo. It is actually hard to notice based on its location and contains plenty of locations and citizens.

The Purple Region is all land below the second half ofThe White Region's Gateway.

Known as 'the road of the frozen dark', The Purple Region consisted of a long road that travels across many snowy areas and spooky areas. There is also Ashley's Mansion, one of the scariest places on CaerulElimo.

There is no King or Queen who directly rules this region.

Mier is the Rest Area.

This region starts to become captured by the Phantom Flash at the beginning of The Red Region, fully captured at the beginning of The Orange Region and completely dissolved at the beginning of The Yellow Region.

Locations Edit


Vanilla Walk


Fort Gale

Ashley's Mansion



Ice Realm Portal

Crystal Cavern

Meridian Junction

Turbine 765

Cheerilee's Temporary Cottage

Supercenter Paladia