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The Tube of Magma is a place that the player's squad accidentally falls into in Chapter 3-2. Chapter 3-2 mostly consisted of this location, and the player's squad would soon exit it at the very end.

The Tube of Magma is a glass tube that runs through thick hot lava. The tube is sturdily costructed with glass that is extremely resistant to any melting. Inside the tube, dozens of screens play videos of series that were inside StarSquare, and equalizers can be seen on the floor, on the sides, and on the ceiling.

Currently, SS people are requesting for a circuit to be made for the tube, and it has been opened after multiple beta tests. The circuit is called Lava Tube, due to it being at the surface rather than underground. This is to avoid any possible injuries or fatalities should a sub-ground level tube collapse on itself with people inside.

One of the X-Class people of StarSquare said:

This place is believe to contain at least one video of every series existing on Earth and StarSquare. For example: Wipeout, the racing game series, is here in StarSquare, which is one of the most popular racing leagues in all of StarSquare. We get over one billion people watching a race whenever it's airing.

The manufacturers of this tube are getting worried that it might break one day, and will soon be reinforced and any damges to it repaired due to an order of the SS Government.

Currently, many tourists visit this location, even if it has not yet recieved its well deserved repair. The government does not want any injuries due to the current questionable status of the tube, and will look toward the repair soon.

The Tube of Magma is normally visited only in Chapter 3-2.


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